Discuss ‘Setting long-term strategic objectives for a website is unrealistic since the rate of change in the marketplace is so rapid’

In my opinion, it is true to set long-term marketing strategic objectives for a website is unrealistic, cause the rate of change rapidly increasing in the marketplace. According to the long-term marketing strategic goals, it needs to be adjusted that can ensure the flexible of the marketplace.

Setting strategic goals and achieving are two different things. So two levels of strategic goals are necessary: long-term and strategic. For instance, starting list website objective that suits your marketing objectives and capabilities, e.g. Interaction with existing and potential customers, promote your website, providing quality content, updating news regularly.  It can ensure the list of marketing strategies and goals match your website capabilities. When you think what you want to achieve for your website, setting long-term it only can let you know what you are doing, where you want to end up not how to proceed. For long-term goals, like what you want to reach over a period of a few weeks or years. For example, contacting some existing and potential consumers, advertising sales promotions per month. It very helpful to reach your marketing strategies and influence your target clients and organization.

Therefore, you should set long-term and strategic objectives together. Long-term goals should remain in you and your employees’ minds that will ensure something must be reached. Also, when you find what does not work, you can adjust or change that helps you to fit the flexible and evolving of the marketplace.








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